About Veg-Tech Best PreCoolers

  • Fritz and Marc are available to help you design elegant cooling systems optimized for your needs. We have the specialty vendors and expertise for forced-air, vacuum, ice, and hydro cooling. No hyperbole – just great solutions that will generate profits.
  • The Best PreCooler was designed to best high-capacity, fast cooler for your pre-cooling and re-cooling needs.
  • Veg-Tech is headquartered in Salinas, CA – the “Salad Bowl of the World”
  • Design services by Jacobs Design Drafting https://jacobsdesigndrafting.com
  • Fabricated at Cox Industrial Services https://www.coxindustrial.com in Yuma, AZ – the “Winter Fresh Vegetable Capital”

Executive Office

1149 Seaview Ave
Pacific Grove, CA 93950


7127 E Gila Ridge Road
Yuma, AZ 85365

Phone Numbers