Best PreCooler Features

  • All welded heavy-duty frame
    1. Strong enough to stand up to the expected forklift abuse
    2. Frame will not rack or bend – designed to be pushed up against a wall concrete curb
    3. Four-way forklift entry
    4. No bolts to loosen or rust
    5. Sandblasted and finished with epoxy two-part marine grade paint
    6. Better than Jet-Ready PreCoolers
  • Energy efficient high-output fans
    1. 32,000 CFM @ 2” static pressure; 44,000 CFM @ 1” static pressure
    2. More CFM = faster cooling; it is that simple
    3. Variable speed. Just dial in the CFM/static pressure best for your product and packaging
    4. Precool and recool in record times. Twice as fast cooling than any standard bunker cooler
    5. 30” diameter fans in 36” square frames
    6. Better than Jet-Ready PreCoolers
  • Electrical
    1. Two 10 Hp 1770 RPM Premium Efficiency VFD Capable TEFC motors
    2. 460V 3 PH 60Hz – 240 volt option available
    3. 40 FLA total at 460/60/3
    4. Pre-programmed Variable Frequency Drive
      1. Soft start to minimize inrush current load
      2. Speed control
    5. NEMA 4x wash-down
    6. OSHA 60 amp NEMA 4x power disconnect
    7. Dwyer Magnahelic 0-3” static pressure gauge

Tarp Roller Option Included:

    1. Tarp roller – the best way to set-up and stow forced air tunnels
    2. Tarp ready to go with installed FRP rod stiffeners – no inferior PVC pipe stiffeners here
    3. Superior foam bumpers

Optional Run-Up Clock – always know the status of your cooling process

    1. Displays Minutes and Seconds (MM:SS) with a maximum 59:59 elapsed time
    2. Timer begins run-up when the fans are started
      • Automatically resets to 00:00 when the fans are stopped
      • 4” digits visible up to 200 feet away

Global Cooling Jet PreCooler – Not in Production

The popular and successful Jet PreCooler by Jim Still’s Global Cooling is no longer available.  Veg-Tech’s Best Precooler is a new and improved model to better serve these applications.  The 2021 Best PreCooler is available now.  Join more than 60+ satisfied users.

Best PreCooler advantages over the older Jet PreCooler:

  • All welded, engineered frame. It will not rack or bend
  • More CFM with higher static pressures. State-of-the-art fans for better performance
  • Simpler wiring and controls
  • Pre-programmed Variable Frequency Drive. Plug it in and push the green button.  You are good to go.
Jet PreCooler
Jet PreCooler
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